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Hey my name is Jacinda, I'm 19 ♏, black&korean, I love fashion, so i made a blog to showcase my style. I like everyday to be different!


Snap backs and cats too
I’ve got new unif goodies!
Holographic goodness!

My unif spacers, ill never get enough! And I made this kimono cardi thing with sheer holographic details on the back and sleeves. I forgot how tedious sewing was and I don’t think ill be doing again for a while! Lol but I’m more or less pleased with this piece :) more holographic goodness with my urban outfitters clutch and mirrored sunnies from hot topic! I’m really diggin’ lilac lately so I paired these pieces (skirt AA - top forever21) and they are perf for each other~ 

-xo Jacinda ⭐
"If you want to be apart of my gang you’ve got to get tatted *pulls out temporary tattoos* don’t pick the kitty one, that’s mine"


Brandy Melville “You can’t sit with us” Tees Maliyah & Jacinda &

Scorpionsunshine.tumblr.com & skylark-interbang.tumblr.com
Daisy moon child~
Jacinda shot by: Maliyah
Spacer platforms from da aliens watching in the purple matter~
Unif Unif Unif! I love this brand so much and they just came out with their new look book! I’ve already got these spacer platforms and I’ve got my eye on the holy grail ones next~ (maybe i’ll get the grail top to match) but anyways I’m wearing american apparel disco shorts. I really love this color and the cut of these shorts are meant to show off your booty (the bottom half peeks out a bit) so if your uncomfortable with that don’t buy them, or wear a cardi or something to hide ya backside lol my bustier is from forever21, the flowercrown is handmade, and my necklace reminds me of sailor moon~  
-xo Jacinda
Another way to style my new garter top from nastygal! Wearing some shorts that are actually to big for me lol the flannel is helping them stay in place! And these were my first pair of Jefferey Campbell’s, ive had them since november…and this is my first picture of me styling them lol 

Xoxo -Jacinda⭐
I really love this garter top from nastygal! I wore it in my last look and I’ve got one more for you guys that ill post tomorrow~ 1 top styled 3 different ways :) wearing my american apparel easy jeans (and trying to pose like their models lol) and my deandri gingers~ the tan shirt is from forever21

Xoxo -Jacinda⭐
Don’t you just love getting new shoes! 
These are the new UNIF spacer platforms and they are my first purchase from them. I love them so much and ill certainly buy more things from them~ in fact the skirt is by UNIF also lol. It’s their spillz holographic skirt. I’m absolutely in love with this hologram trend it’s just so memorizing~ another new purchase is my suspender/garter top from nastygal 

Xoxo -Jacinda⭐
Flower crowns are wayy cute! I made this daisy one and it’s actually for sale! http://jmflowercrowns.bigcartel.com you’ll love em’! So I styled this crown pretty simply with a cropped sleeveless turtle neck that has become my go-to piece because it’s so versatile! I love it~ then some forever21 shorts 

Xoxo -Jacinda⭐
Look at these beautiful babes!!! I was so excited when deandri announced that these holo-glam cuties would be a dollskill.com exclusive. I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this hologram/holographic trend and I just had to have these! But I wasn’t the only one with that kinda mentality because they sold out within a week! :(((( I didn’t get a pair and I’m so upset. I’ve never wanted a pair of shoes so bad. I’m crossing my fingers for a restock!
Look 8! Femme fatigues

My father is in the army so when ever I see army green/tan shirts I think of this t-shirt he would always wear with his uniform. So I guess that’s why I called this look “femme fatigues” lol idkk but the piece that inspired the name is from body central and I’m wearing my familiar deandri’s again! I’m sorta bummed though because this new pair I wanted sold out :/ ill make a post about that later. But anyway! The jacket and shorts are thrifted 

-xo Jacinda⭐